Reaching out with God's Love

Scripture Readings

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Sunday   January 1, 2017


First Reading:   Isaiah 63:7-9

God does not delegate divine intervention to a messenger or angel. God’s own presence brings salvation.  The prophet and all who read these words join in celebrating God’s gracious deeds.  God trusts that God’s people will not act falsely.

Second Reading:   Hebrews 2:10-18

Through Jesus’ suffering and death, the trail to eternal salvation has been blazed for us. We do not fear death, because he has conquered the power of death.  Thus Christ, our merciful and faithful high priest, has the final say over the destiny of our lives.

Gospel:   Matthew 2:13-23

Matthew relates the slaughter of babies in Bethlehem as one example of evil in the world. Jesus has been born into this world to manifest God’s presence and save his people from their sins.