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Scripture Readings

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Sunday   December 4, 2016


First Reading:  Isaiah 11:1-10

In today’s reading the prophet describes the ideal ruler who will come in the future as a green shoot springing from a dead stump (David’s royal line) of Jesse (David’s father). Gifted by the Spirit, this messiah will seek justice for the poor, and the reign of this monarch will be experienced as paradise regained.

Second Reading:   Romans 15:4-13

God’s promise to include Gentiles within the circle of God’s blessed people has been fulfilled in Jesus Christ. Christians live out their unity by welcoming and encouraging each other just as Christ has welcomed them into God’s family.

Gospel:   Matthew 3:1-12

Just before Jesus begins his public ministry, John the Baptist appears, calling people to mend their ways and speaking of a powerful one who is to come.