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Scripture Readings

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Sunday   March 20, 2016


First Reading:   Isaiah 50:4-9a

This text, the third of the four Servant Songs in Isaiah, speaks of the servant’s obedience in the midst of persecution. Though the servant has been variously understood as the prophet himself or a remnant of faithful Israel, Christians have often recognized the figure of Christ in these poems.

Second Reading:   Philippians 2:5-11

Paul quotes from an early Christian hymn that describes Jesus’ humble obedience in his incarnation as a human being, even to death, and his exaltation and glory as Lord of all.

Gospel:   Luke 22:14–23-56

Through the teachings and events of the passion story we see and hear the great contradictions that characterize the coming of God’s reign. The leader serves, the empty disciple are able to fill others, proud Peter is revealed in his cowardice and Jesus–the innocent bringer of life–is arrested, beaten, executed and buried.