Reaching out with God's Love

Scripture Readings

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Sunday   February 28, 2016


First Reading:  Isiah 55:1-9

To those who have experienced long years in exile, the return to their homeland is a celebration of abundant life. God calls them into an everlasting covenant of love.  Those who return to the Lord will enjoy new life and forgiveness, because God’s ways are not our ways.

Second Reading:  1 Corinthians 10:1-13

Paul uses images from Hebrew story and prophecy to speak the truth of Jesus Christ: He is our rock, our water, our food and our drink. Christ is the living sign of God’s faithfulness.

Gospel:  Luke 13:1-9

Asked about current tragic events, Jesus turns a lesson about whether suffering is deserved into a hard call to obedience. He then tells a parable that holds out hope that the timeline for ultimate judgement will be tempered by patience.