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Scripture Readings

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Sunday      July 12, 2015


First Reading       Amos 7:7-15

Amos was not the kind of prophet attached to temples or royal courts. Rather, he was an ordinary farmer from Judah (the southern kingdom) called by God to speak to Israel (the northern kingdom). God’s word of judgment through Amos conflicted with the king’s court prophet Amaziah, whom Amos encountered at Bethel.

Second Reading      Ephesians 1:3-14

In Jesus, all of God’s plans and purposes have been made known as heaven and earth are united in Christ. Through Jesus, we have been chosen as God’s children and have been promised eternal salvation.

Gospel        Mark 6:14-29

As Jesus and his disciples begin to attract attention, Mark recalls the story of John the Baptist’s martyrdom.  Like John, Jesus and his disciples will also suffer at the hands of those opposed to the gospel of salvation.