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Scripture Readings

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Sunday   January 26, 2020


First Reading:   Isaiah 9:1-4

The people in the northern parts of Israel have experienced “gloom” and “darkness” because of the destruction wrought by Assyrian military forces. To these people, the prophet announces the shining of a great light of salvation.

Second Reading:   1 Corinthians 1:10-18

Paul calls on the Corinthians to end their dissensions and share the unified outlook of the gospel. Discord arises when we forget that we belong not to human leaders or institutions but to Christ who was crucified for us. Indeed, the unifying word of the cross of Christ is the center of the gospel and the power of God’s salvation.

Gospel:   Matthew 4:12-23

Jesus begins his public ministry shortly after John the Baptist is imprisoned by Herod. He proclaims the nearness of God’s reign and calls four fishermen to be his first disciples.