Reaching out with God's Love


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“I’ll remember:  Today I am a student and my experiences are my teachers.”  From – Karen Casey & Martha Vanceburg, The Promise Of A New Day.

This next Sunday, Sept. 8th is Rally Day or the first day of Sunday School and God’s Work, Our Hands Sunday!  We have many plans for a fun and full day of activities.  Sept. 08th is the 25th Anniversary of the ELCA, Evangelical Lutheran Church in America.  “For 25 years, the ELCA has been a church deeply rooted in faith and in sharing its passion for making positive changes in the world”.  To celebrate, our congregation and nearly 10,000 other congregations have been called to a dedicated day of service!  We have many blessings to be excited about!  I will be doing a short adult forum about our Sunday School Shepherd program at 9:30am, downstairs in Fellowship Hall.  Pastor Ed will follow with his fall, Adult Forum Program, Overview, which he leads each Sunday from 9:30-10:30am, in Fellowship Hall.  Watch for the “A.F. Table of Contents” on this Education blog!  Next, we will distribute “God’s Work, Our Hands” T-shirts to those that pre-ordered then selling whatever there is left over.  The shirts cost $6.5 but of course donations over and above are so appreciated!  We ask that everyone put them on and join in to celebrate and evangelize!  At 11am, we will have Worship Service.  The S/S program start time has changed. Children will attend the 11 am service until Pastor Ed has given the Children’s Sermon, then about 11:15, the kids and Sunday Shepherds will lead our lambs downstairs for a 20-30 minute gathering and lesson.  Then we will all come back upstairs for Holy Communion and finish worship.  THIS SUNDAY’s special day of course we will have our Rally Day/25th Anniversary Feed!  We have Chili Dogs, Chips, Veggies and we will finish with Root Beer Floats!  Yippee! Thank you everyone who signed up to bring on this feast.  Next we will meet at Nye Beach Turn around wearing our T-shirts (or something yellow if possible).  Social Ministry will provide gloves and garbage bags for us to do “God’s Work Our Hands”.  Our day of service will be picking up litter in the parking lot area of Nye Beach and then those that are able will go down to the beach of the immediate area. Come and join the fun and fantabulous day!